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'Acts of war in a combat zone are not covered by your laptop warranty'

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Nothing as dramatic as this, but working at the same company as "Jackson" back in the mid90s, we received a call from someone wanting to know how long CMOS batteries usually lasted. Did some research, answered something like "oh, a couple of years or so", the person on the other end of the line asked us if we could tell them how much an additional CMOS battery weighed, and if we could send some instructions on how to replace one... in weightless conditions.

Turns out caller was from ESA planning to send some Thi^H^H^H of our company's laptops to the ISS.

We made it quite clear that on-site warranty doesn't apply for out-of-atmosphere locations, but suggested that -- as long as they weren't going to run life-support systems off the things -- they'd just forget about the CMOS battery and manually set date and time.

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