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Firstly hats off to IBM for continuing Research into new Technology. They do have the money and the expertise to come up with new ideas - while most others just implement IBM's research or find an application for it.

The storage industry alone has spent the last 40 overcoming the limitations of spinning disk. (Raid, Snapshots, IOPS intensive workloads).

Toshiba invited Flash in the 80's and it is only mainstream now.

Therefore you also have to consider the commercial aspect and the greed of corporations.

Could we have perfected Flash in the 90's? Probably, but there was plenty of $$$ to be made on spinning disk.

Intel sells you CPU's that are incrementally faster than the last generation - because people keep buying.

Next is the electric car - vs - oil lobby.

Fossil energy lobby -vs - renewable...

That's what's wrong with Research. Researchers would happily push forward, but its the economic forces slow us down...

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