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TIntri leaps to remain relevant

The whole move to telemetry based support and predictive analytics for storage really started with Nimble Infosight, which was a huge refinement over the primitive "Phone home/Autosupport" predecessors. It is good for TinTri and their customers that they have finally added this functionality. Hopefully it is better than Pure's "Pure1" Infosight knockoff that they appear to have abandoned. Much of the storage industry is trying to come up with something that looks like Infosight and I think this in response to Nimble's success in this area. However,the method that Infosight was developed and implimented within the product OS (It's been in the product since the initial beta round in 2010) and how it works under the hood make the total functionality very challenging to "bolt on" the depth of data Nimble actually has - we are talking billions of data points ingested daily.

The guys at TinTri are smart - but Nimble has a 6 year head start on the entire industry in the area of predictive analytics

And Block storage is more versatile storage.

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