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Tintri debuts storage precog that knows what you'll need in 6 months

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It's not a unique feature, the analytics side of things has been available with other vendors for quite some time - large and small.

To the AC saying stay private until they are profitable - it's incredibly hard for a company to make a profit before IPO and many companies spend *years* after an IPO getting profitable. After 10 years Twitter finally made a profit......even then it was $7m!!

An IPO is not some kind of right of passage - they IPO because -

1.) They need the cash injection to grow - fund headcount, R&D, etc.

2.) Employees are expecting the IPO - early joiners may be rolling in it, late joiners treat it like a litle bonus.

3.) VC's may want their cash. Some do, some double down and buy more shares.

It's a really bad time for anyone who has not IPO'd in my opinon. Markets are bad and the Venture Capitalists are starting to get a bit more stingy, there are many out there who wont support another round of funding or get involved in further funding. You're going to see a lot of companies selling themselves rather than hosting an IPO I believe.

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