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We've seen a number of unsubstantiated reports over the years that odd things happen to existing Apple handsets when new models are released. I'm not saying that there is any truth to the stories, but they are absolutely out there.

to add to the unsubstantiated rumours , my iPhone 5 (which Apple wish me to update to an iPhone 7 because it is more than 3 years old) - now that I'm using iOS9.3.1, co-incidentally starting exactly with the 9.3.1 update, the home button double-click signal to show running apps - is often not recognised by the phone, needed several double-clicks to get to the page of apps. Also co-incidentally a triple-click to invert the colours always works instantaneously. it 'hints' of an RND piss-off the customer after 3 years and 4 months with a 'seeming malfunction' . . . unsubstantiated!

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