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Example: me, right now, and I'm suing. What planet do you live on? No, the employment tribunal does *NOT* cover this for contractors, which is who the victims most frequently are, having been forced into contracting by employers who refuse to fairly hire them on staff.

BTW so far my costs are 35 thousand pounds. I have had to source that money from my savings. I have not yet been allowed to give evidence because defendant onshoring company has billions of pounds to pay for a superb legal team who have blocked me from submitting a statement. BTW, they have a court record of simply forcing these cases to either give up altogether, or settle for pennies, because the court award comes nowhere near the legal costs which are not fully covered by judgement. I have been told countless times by London Financial services companies "I would like to hire you, but my manager insists on "offshore resource" (LOL! "offshore" means onshore, except if you say "onshore" too loud it might cause problems). If you walk round any London FS shop, you will see entire floors of onshorers, who have replaced local staff for no other reason than lower wage costs.

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