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But - we do know that Hillary is both a war-monger, a crook and cannot be bothered to take the advice of the best expertise available (which is what email-gate shows). This means that Hillary will hire hacks and sycophants as advisor's, which then means that more disasters will flow.

When one is in the shit, then, that is the time to buy risk rather than "the safer option" or "business as usual" - you know, more of what it was that got us into the mess. It is rational that "all bets are off" .

Trump is being smart with his "ideas and plans", first, it's like talking to lawyers: Any word added to "the contract" is another opening for an attack by the oppositions legal team, and, being an experienced CEO Trump know that the future is unpredictable and it generally does not make sense for "the strategic level" to produce those detailed plans and clear directives that the bean-counters at the operational levels insist on.

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