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It's a shame that technology companies can't figure out a way to communicate over a distance. Imagine, even writing code, administration, or support could be possible without even living on that side of the globe!

Wait, we call that outsourcing and it's bad.

It's bad when it goes to people that suck and get paid less than we do. It's good when it lets us be contractors for heaping bagfulls of gold.

I suspect there's some whining here.

Let's ignore the whole thing and pay attention to what matters for just a moment. Trump vs Hillary. Either we'll have a lunatic in a position of power, or a moron doing the same. (You may put those descriptions where you please.)

Just like Zaphod, their job is to distract the public majority from the actual power taking the money and running off stage left. Let's not talk about the >500 elected folks in congress, when a majority of citizens cannot name their representatives and know nothing about their policies and decisions. The whole time, the rich and interested are buying policies lobbying.... and running to the bank, which is likely offshore someplace.

But hey, let's go back to shouting at the singular person that's easy to hate. Let's bury our heads in the sand! It's incredible how many people can tell you that Bill tore off a piece with an intern, but can't tell you anything about what laws were passed, changed, and re-interpreted during his reign. Bill was very good at his job, clearly.

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