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What? You say U.S. employment laws are relatively worse, than, presumably, the U.K.? Or Europe as a whole?

Right now, in the U.K., an I.T. worker can be replaced by an Indian onshorer, whom he has to train while he is being "offboarded", and the grounds for the visa application for this onshorer is that the guy who is training him is not good enough for the job. This is perfectly lawful and going on continually.

Every visa application for onshorers thruout Europe basically is made on the premise that "local skills are not available". And therefore, every one constitutes criminal fraud. Outside the U.S., none of the onshoring companies have had any significant legal problems with this, while in the U.S., there have been a few hundred court cases.

And you tell me that U.S. employment laws, or at least, their enforcement, are somehow worse than the U.K. or other European country?

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