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Whereas places that pay their employees fairly, treat them well, and give them a *reason* to work hard very quickly find out that happy, loyal employees are hard working employees. And hard working employees make you money. End of story.

Not quite. The problem is that those that seek to treat their employees fairly and equitably are squeezed out of the market by those that make a profit by exporting those jobs or abusing the visa system to push down their staffing costs. That's where your real problem hides. Similar to tax avoidance, the few big abusers ruin it for the rest of the market but they're the ones who get given all the leeway in the world because they bought a free pass during campaign time.

As soon as a company starts shipping its MONEY overseas it's time to lift up the lid and audit them edge to edge, certainly when they can seemingly afford to sponsor politicians - you want to examine the exact ROI on that.

There are, however, two ticking time bombs between all of this. Time bomb 1 has already been alluded to: when more and more people are pushed out of their job through cheaper employees, that has a direct impact on the country the business resides in (housing, benefits, local economy, taxable income). Politicians who allow this are effectively assisting in killing the country (let's not forget that a cheaper member of staff also pays less tax), and should be examined for what exactly they drag out of this because there is a secondary impact: as soon as that game is over, the locust, sorry, company will up sticks and move elsewhere leaving nothing but barren land behind. They don't care. Long live capitalism (which it isn't, it's disguised monopolism as there is no level market and competition)..

Time bomb 2 is that the more people are unemployed, the more people will start wondering why. Unlike the Romans, they don't have access to bread and plays - they even lose their homes - so they'll find other things to do. This can't go on, especially if we keep in mind that these ones have guns. They may come to regret the NRA :(.

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