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Good point, but I work with mostly Indian folks, and the reason they are needed is that most of the US programmers in the tech industry are complete shit. I have yet to meet more than a handful of US born programmers/devs who are not just wasting air and a nice chair. The vast dearth of good programmers, and other tech folk, must be filled, and the best way is with grads from the many tech schools in India, or other tech savvy countries like; UK, AUS, NZ, Japan, etc. They learn mostly Java and I think C, but whatever they are doing there, in India, is working; the better programmers are usually the people from a country that does not stifle innovation and creative thinking like our mostly shitty schools here do. They can only go as fast as the slowest person, and that is a shame. I have to make up for the crap educational system myself by reading select tech topics in all the newest branches. There are more programming jobs than people who can program at a enterprise level.

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