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Greg D

The problem with ads...

Is not necessarily the ads themselves, its:

- Embedded scripts running from 3rd-party untrusted sources

- Unsrupulous non-mainsteam advertisers pushing penis pills and the ilk

- The sheer volume and "in your face-ness" of most of the adverts

- Increasing complexity of ads, adding to page load, CPU load (and battery drain), and bandwidth use

- Swamped webpages where you cant see any fucking content

- Clicking through pages of ads just to read a fucking paragraph

Bollocks to them all, dont care if they lose revenue. I'm blocking all of that shit. Find another source of income. I pay for stuff I want, and dont care to read your articles if you stuff them full of ads.

I'd probably change my tune slightly if the ads were less of everything I just listed. A simple JPEG and a link, with some locally hosted code to work out page views/clicks. And ONE per page maximum.

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