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Blocking ads? Smaller digital publishers are smacked the hardest


Surely it can't be that hard for the website to run server-side scripts for ad-loading? That would blow away the need for all the javascript crap on the client side, which would make things much more secure. All it needs is a link between host and ad server so that the host can pass a request for a URL to the ad server and insert that URL into the page it's about to serve. Doing it this way means the client only gets to load static images and much of the concern about a blizzard of tracking cookies goes away (not that the host can't pass on information to the ad server).

Even harder to block is if the images are on the host site, which is told which image to serve, so the client can't trivially filter images from the ad server. It also makes the host appreciate the bandwidth consumed by the ads and so applies a bit more pressure on the advertisers

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