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Interesting history lesson. Thanks.

I've no doubt it's true, it's just so entirely plausible.

It's already happening (the digital exodus). It's not so noticeable yet as when a few of us drop out, there are a few more to take our place, doing high-quality work and software mods that you would otherwise have to pay good money for. But soon enough they will get tired of it as well. It's not even the lack of being able to earn money from what you do (that people want to buy), it's the sheer bad attitude of otherwise sanctimonious pricks that would skin you alive if they found out you used a crack. I'm talking the audio software world here.

So, now they get to pay 24 quid for my work, instead of just 1 quid. That'll teach me trying to give stuff away for free. And that'll teach them for not feeling it was worth 1 quid or a simple 'thanks'. This particular work was at the level of the highest quality that manufacturer had. So it was no snake oil and no get-rich quick attempt. Now remember, the people that did not want to pay for this or even say 'thanks' are the holier-than-thou crack software police. Also keep in mind these holier-than-thou types could take the time to be part of tens of thousands that downloaded my software for free, but only 3 people said thankyou! Over half a dozen complained coz they wanted some feature added and they damn well felt as if they could take the time to let me know that.

Hell, I even threw in a professional level GUI for them as well. This particular GUI was not just a cosmetic enhancement. It actually improved on the original manufacturer's .dll, as I had spent over 3 days tracing a bug in the graphics. I got that kind of euphoric high that only a programmer or debugger knows, when you get your eureka moment - gotcha ya little bassa.

So, please tell me why, would anyone even attempt to make a living out of this, knowing human nature.

I can not stress enough, the amount of times I had to justify an off the cuff remark because the crack-police were on my trail quick as a shot. I pay for all my softs. I even pay for the softs I don't use. I also pay for the softs that I have bought, but not downloaded yet, coz, well, I already have so much software that I have bought. Yet I was witch-hunted by people who could not even take the time to say thanks to me, or shout me a quid!

But it's better than that. Or rather, more tragic than that.

I know quite a few devs that make audio software or mods or guis or add-ons, whatever. Let's just talk about the top of the hierarchy here for the moment to prove a point. Talking about the actual vst .dll makers themselves. That is the people that actually code the synthesizers and drum machines and samplers etc., often in C++ itself, or at least, custom C++ modules in high level programs such as Synthmaker (now Flowstone), or perhaps Synthedit. I'm not just talking about people that use totally stock modules in these environments. The people that do this are still exceptionally talented and spend a great deal of their time on their work, but they aren't genius level DSP coders - another order of magnitude cleverer again.

Now those people who have given away perfectly good synths and drums via donationware, have let me know how much they have made in a year, or sometimes by the 'thousands of downloads'. That amount is pitiful and shameful. We are talking guys that have spent 2 years of their life at DSP level coding in C++, C and Assembler, plus sometimes even doing the gui themselves as well, which most of them really hate coz it's a pain in VST development, unless you really have a passion for interface design, which not all 'real programmers' do. We are talking 8 dollars here, 20 dollars there, total, for all that time for thousands of downloads. Free.

So I don't feel too hard done by.

There have also been quite a few 'pay what you want' types of deals as well, that some devs did as experiments, that also did not go 'according to plan'. People just took the piss. Software that was worth 50 quid, people were giving like 50 pence for, as that was the minimum option, otherwise they would NOT have paid that, obviously.

Are we getting the picture here yet folks? These are people that desperately absolutely passionately wanted that software as well. They weren't 'oh well we weren't going to buy it so there's no loss to the dev to just give him 50p'. So the dev did the right thing and started charging 50 Euros for his software, and everyone that could have had it for a tenner now has to pay full price because a few of these self-appointed crack-police holier than thou's wouldn't pay more than fifty fucking pence.

Does that explain to you what we are dealing with here? Without chucking in the entitlement and insults and rudeness you get for your efforts.

Here were people, who regularly spend at least 100-200 dollars a month on audio software, prepared to hunt people down for possible use of a crack, but would not donate 5 dollars to a dev that spent months/years working in a specially refined field, for software that they downloaded and used regularly. I know that for a fact. I was one of the few who actually donated anything at all - usually only a fiver or tenner here or there - not like I'm a big spender. But I got unsolicited thankyou personal emails back from these devs, who were just so over the moon that someone, anyone had donated anything at all in the last six months.

I can not explain it any better than that example.

Now, what makes you think those tight-wads are going to spend even 5 bucks a month on a subscription for anything? Actually some of them do, because they are addicts. Also they have money. They will put up with all kinds of abuses from certain well-known money-grubbing audio devs, but won't say 'thanks' and won't pay a quid for software they really really want. </spicegirls> Now they're never gonna get it! Well, not without paying top dollar for it anyway.

So the unscrupulous blackmail business model does have a lot going for it - granted. People won't be decent, so screw them </irony>. I'm talking one particular niche field of course, and a small one at that. But don't tell me it don't paint a wider picture about humanity on the whole.

And still I support the use of ad-blockers. For reasons already outlined, several times, by me and quite a few other people. I've wasted enough of your time to repeat it again.

Micropayments would work. They would certainly be a step forward. I'm not sure if it is a technical issue that is holding development and deployment back, or a human nature issue. Or maybe both.

Pretty soon people will be waking up to the reality that 'digital content business models' have nothing to do with being data-raped, tracked and ad-raped, then getting called names and insulted by the very fuckwits that are trying to sell you something, all coz you put an ad-blocker on coz you didn't want to get a virus/trojan/malware again.

These people are insane psychopaths that get what they want by screaming loud, making monkey noises, jumping off chairs (and throwing a few) and shouting 'Marketers, Marketers, Marketers!'.

The whole world realises this, except for the people who think they are running the show, who won't be in a few years, coz they won't have a job at all. I bet they will have creamed enough of the top though to still be sitting pretty. The most cynical people in the world. Expect this whole dirty tricks campaign against those of us that have the silly idea that we own the computers we buy and the internet pipes we pay for, to get a whole lot dirtier any time soon. Kicking and screaming they will go. Ready to take eyes out as they battle for the death.

Or maybe they'll get what they want and they'll end up running the show. What do I know?

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