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"The Guardian is just losing money and shedding staff."

In the later years of Emperor Rusbridger, there was a bit of an exodus from Guardian to Buzzfeed UK. The paper itself frequently seems to want to be Buzzfeed. Don't know why, Buzzfeed already exists and is free. Some people presumably like it.

"Who will hold the government to account when The Guardian finally exhausts its trust fund?"

The Scott Trust became the Scott Trust Ltd a few years ago, probably around the time that GMG sold Auto Trader. You can see the new "management" in its entry at Companies House:

Outside the occasional major scoop (Panama Papers, Snowden) there's been little recent interest in proper routine news reporting, let alone analysis, and definitely not much 'holding the government to account'. There's more interest in a likely to fail attempt to grow readership (and page views) in the US and Australia (which obviously don't have newspaper websites of their own?!).

The Guardian's UK politics coverage leading up to and after the Labour leadership elections has caused many UK readers who paid for the paper or the app to give up. Well done Guardian.

The plan to generate revenue and profit from 'Guardian events' is going so well that they've already abandoned the proposed events venue in the wastelands north of Watford (Birmingham, I think).

Give it two years, maybe a little more, I suspect.

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