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Blocking ads? Smaller digital publishers are smacked the hardest

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re. Serve more most interesting ads. People are more likely to happily view good content.

but this misses the point, i.e. maximising the profits and "optimising the costs". In real world - instead of "quality advertising", they cast their net wide, flooding the internet with sh... Appealing for them to make ads more interesting means to the ad-men "spend more money on the ads". As this eats into their bottom line... you see how keen they'd be. They truly are (like most if not all humans) like a monkey with a hand stuck in a box, holding the lovely banana. They will never EVER loosen the grip as the greed blinds the logical thinking. To be fair, this is a typical human trait. Who's going to - willingly - let go and earn LESS for no clear gain? Even if the gain is is clear: "earn less" is better, after all, than "earn even less" (due to ad-blocking).

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