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You want I stop using Adblock? Then you:

(1) Undertake never to use tracking in any way, no exception.

(2) Absolutely never have autoplay videos of any kind except when I press play on a video or when I click on a link for a video (and not a link for a story).

(3) Absolutely never have ads that cover part or all of a website.

(4) Absolutely never have that try to use my location. No "Shocking secret [city name] man discovers!"

(5) Absolutely never use Flash, Java, or Javascript. No exception.

(6) Confirm, preferably in writing that you accept sole responsibility for vetting any and all ads on your site. If an ad injects or attempts to inject malware you, the entity placing the ad and any ad company jointly and severally indemnify me from all costs in diagnosing and repairing, including but not limited to the restoration of any data that is lost and do so in writing.

(7) Never, ever, distribute either directly or indirectly (e;g;, as an "Optional extra" any kind of Browser helper or toolbar. These are defined by many as malware.

(8) Never, ever, show me ads for things I never buy nor companies I don't want to do business with.

(9) Never, ever, show me ads for things I already own. (Amazon!! WTF?)

(10) Never, ever, show me ads for things I will *never* own (take a guess, it will be 99.9999% of what you peddle).

(11) Confirm you will pay for any and all metered data charges the advertising content YOU have decided to push at me incurs. You pay for any metered data.

There. I think that about covers it

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