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Tim Hughes

Micropayments, Micropayments, Micropayments (and NO ads)

Will somebody please work out how to do this properly?

I don't want to have to "donate" to some content provider who has something I do want to read and I don't want to have to subscribe for $X to every site,

I do want some standard mechanism where I go to some site for the first time, say theRegister, and it says "We charge £0.01 per article, Do you accept?", I say yes and off we go. They don't have to know who I am.

A quick fag packet calculation: assuming average advert CPM (per thousand impressions) rates of £1.00 and say 5 ads per page, then you could get the same revenue by charging 0.5p for someone to read your article. If I read 100 articles a day that's about 50p/day, £15/month. I'm happy with that, the content producer gets the same revenue, and no adverts served or viewed!

With that kind of mechanism, there seems to be the right incentive to produce quality stuff that people want to read while also enabling the casual reader to happen upon something and view it without committing a big chunk of cash to pass a paywall, and its easy to imagine some little widgets in your browser that keep you updated of your current spending by day, month, site or whatever else you fancy.

I keep waiting for it to happen ... I could imagine some payments processor like PayPal (yes, I know) being all over it.

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