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How do they know?

I'd like to know how they came up with that number. If people aren't seeing ads and aren't clicking on them, how can you know they wouldn't just click to another site in frustration if they had to view the ads?

Some major sites are shooting themselves in the foot, too. Yesterday, someone sent me a link to a Stephen Colbert skit from when he was still on Comedy Central. Despite disabling ScriptBlock and uBlock Origin (current Chrome and FF browser versions), all I could see (in Flash no less!) was the ad that preceded the segment. The segment refused to run. But the Comedy Central site in the UK was able to deliver the piece -- and without an ad. If a friend hadn't suggested the segment (Kim Jong Un inspected a lube machine) I sure wouldn't have bothered. There were a slew of Javascripts running on both sites, surely not for my benefit.

Content providers, you need to wise up. If you keep stuffing our bandwidth with crap we don't want to see, you may lose it all. And few will weep.

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