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When KISS is more than just AI and Complex and a Great Game to Boot and ReRoot

Just a few more simple comments on that supplied quote from Scenario 1 … The New Normal/Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity, University of California, Berkeley [:- and isn’t that just so typically California of them to imagine any long-term cybersecurity normality being possible. Way to go, Cal]

If one considers the calibre of suspects which one assumes will be targeted, is it reasonable to expect that they will be able to be lured to a cess pool, or will they ensure a heaven be provided and guaranteed with all security needs and feeds? What does Uncle Sam provide that cannot be matched and bettered elsewhere without the air of fear and loathing so prevalent nowadays there?

Indeed, in the extreme cases which so effortlessly and quite magically morph into the many more usual cases and all manner of mainstream scenario events, is such the most likely norm and lowest common denominator for consideration if one wishes to profit and survive and prosper in both business and pleasure with the best of the best leading the rest with their wakes …… and such would quite logically lead to governments offering more than passive protection outsourced to off shore tax haven regimes, which is one of the old classics in the field.

cc .... :-)

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