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I have NEVER installed Windoze and had all the hardware work.

A bit harsh blaming MS because hardware manufacturers haven't provided drivers for the version of Windoze you are installing. This was worse in the days of WinNT when they wouldn't supply drivers for NT, only for Win9.x. When I was a beta tester for NT5 (Win2k), MS wrote drivers for some popular hardware because the manufacturers weren't interested. They were pretty basic, but functional.

Yes, Canon are among the very worst in this respect. My FS 2710 slide scanner was purchased when Win2k was current and it refused to work after the WinXP upgrade. Canon ignored my support request (faxed because they didn't publish an email address). I figured out how to make it work under WinXP and received many thanks from owners when I published how to do this. Never purchased anything from Canon since!

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