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And this is exactly why it baffles me why Gartner ranks EMC as the leading AFA compared to others in the industry. A disruptive upgrade process causing pain to those who invested in it and as well as a completely disjointed product portfolio relating to flash. VNX Unity now thrown on top of an ever expanding number of platforms - this is EMC's response to the all flash market.

Seriously.. here Mr or Mrs customer.. buy VNX all flash its the best thing.. no wait .. buy VMAX all flash its the best on the market.. oh sorry no you should invest in XtremeIO .. its built for flash .. Sorry to confuse you... and lets not forget the elephant in the room - the DELL buyout.. that's not going to cause any chaos with their product line or R&D investment at all !! If you think EMC will be the same company after the DELL buyout, then Im sorry to say you have consumed too much Kool-aid from the Evil Machine Company.

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