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I think what "A Ghost" is saying, is that the self promotion engine isn't there any more. Even those who are talented can't get on anyone's radar unless they're sponsored to the hilt by a corporate who'll send them head and shoulders above the mediocrity.

Yes, there are other gripes in there.

But I disagree with A Ghost that things are dead. There will always be people who will strive for their art. Those that will do the day job to keep the wolf fed, and then burn the candle at the other end to do what their heart screams, and grow in the process.

YouTube is destined to die. It is only going to be a matter of time before the advertisers work out that paying money to the likes of Faceache and Alphabet soup is a waste and that they need a new strategy, due to the ad blockers and the like. Personally, I think that YouTube Red is going to die a death; I mean, who's going to pay good money to watch pewdipie swear at a screen? (I watched part of one video and that was enough for me.) - It's going to take a few years, sure, but YouTube will eventually collapse and then the ground will be set for the next thing to build, and the early days of YouTube that gave people a chance, will happen again... on another service.

I have to admit that a lot of ground has been broken in the last few decades. In one way, sound moved forward because instruments moved forward. We had the electric guitar, synthesisers, vocoders, drum machines and other thing that opened new doors to new sounds. And yes, in those things it does look like we've hit a brick wall.

And with all the suing going on over riffs taken from here or there, and there only being so many notes you can play in a certain order... it doesn't look good... but there are needles in the haystacks... it's just that the haystack has become larger.

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