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I have been putting off business cable with TWC because of this

I have been putting getting a 'business cable' connection with TWC because of this. Business expense of having a fixed IP DSL with lousy bandwidth is bad enough. monthly price more than doubles to get significantly better bandwidth with cable. I wouldn't doubt that business connections via the cable (which may be the only real option I have) are in ANY way covered by any FCC requirements prior to a merger. I can only imagine that the kinds of "boiler room support in India" I've gotten from the DSL company would be ANY BETTER after a TWC/Charter merger. And so I've tolerated the lousy DSL with a fixed IP address for way longer than I should have.

I guess some more 'wait and see' is in order. A typical TWC biz cable connection would cost around $150/month for 3Mbit up/down and a fixed IP address (or about $110 for 1.5mbit up/down). I'm sure it can only get WORSE, not better, after the merger.

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