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Hey, YouTube: Pay your 'workers' properly and get with the times

Jan Hargreaves

While that piece of technology is impressive there are two major problems with it:

1. Now you see many distributors, labels etc all "claiming" the rights to the same song. They more often than not have rights in different territories but claim worldwide nonetheless. Meanwhile the songwriters and performers more often than not get nothing.

2. This technology is useless when it comes to remixes or DJ mixes. A remix can sound similiar to a track but YouTube will think it's one or the other.

With a DJ mix it's far worse - they wait for one person to claim the rights to one song, or detect one song in a 10-20 track mix and give them all the royalties. Meanwhile, because it's a mix, the copyright actually belongs to the DJ or the DJ's label and not any of the artists of the original songs. It's then the DJ's label's responsibility to share the revenue with everyone that contributes on the mix. And they pay the same royalty for a 3 minute pop track as they do for an 80 minute DJ mix. Maybe no-one at Google listens to dance music...

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