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I think the definition of a performance is at fault here.

Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music, etc... are Music streaming services, where music is the focus. For 90% of the videos on YouTube, the music is background filler.

I can understand the music industry getting upset if someone illegally uploads a music video, where the music is intended to be the point of focus, but DMCA take-downs should cover that. The problem is that the industry is also counting videos where any music is played in the background (generally because soundless videos give people the creeps).

Yes, sometimes I go to YouTube for the specific purpose of hearing a piece of music, generally after Shazaming it, to see if I like the whole song or even others by the same artist. I try to look for "official" channels, figuring those are legit and actually pay something to the artist (and again, if someone uploads music or videos that you own, and you don't want that up there, DMCA!). I'm certainly not watching someone's Reaction Video to a Let's Play video that happens to contain the song in the background. Such a video might introduce me to a new song, but it's a useless medium for actually listening to and enjoying said song. But I'm sure the RIAA and the like count every view of every one of those videos as a performance, and then complain when it lowers their percentage.

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