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The music industry are choir boys compared to the evil of google/facebook/microsoft/spotify/youtube etc. etc.

They are no more corrupt than anyone else.

Corruption is rife through all strata and substrata of society. Banking, medicine, government, automobile industry. It's how the world works. It's what makes the world go round. We'd all fly off into outer space if it stopped.

There's no point in whinging about it. There is nothing can be done now. It's been killed stone dead. No new music from now on. Just the mentally deluded playing that game now.

The music industry - an organisation no more or no less corrupt than your local council - got its comeuppance. And so did we. No winners here.

If you think things are objectively bad now, wait 10 years. And the world and everything in it will still be as corrupt as it is now, as its ever been.


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