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The good times are over

Once upon a time, people used to be able to get very rich in a very short time by importing certain rare shellfish which lived in only one place and were the only source of a stable, purple dye. Then a young chemist by the name of William Henry Perkin invented Artificial Mauve; and suddenly purple clothing was affordable to the masses.

Also once upon a time, access to the equipment needed to distribute music was limited. Setting up a record label was a serious investment, and this was reflected in the prices they charged. And even though a cassette cost more to manufacture than a CD, it was sold more cheaply because of its poorer quality of reproduction. Then computers -- and memory, HDD space and writable optical discs -- became cheap.

The Free Market has spoken, and people aren't prepared to pay so much for their music anymore. In fact, without the option of free music, people would rather do without altogether than pay.

The good times are over. Deal with it. If you want to make music, you are going to get people copying it; if you don't like that, your only redress is to withdraw your labour. (Which is still more than most private-sector workers in the UK .....)

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