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No V9000 will not easily outperform Pure or Xtremio. Depends on the workload. FS900 does not compete with the D5. The two should not be compared unless you have what EMC is pitching this thing for--- large active datasets that are always hammered. This thing was made for applications like the shit in the snowden leak. You know, "capture everything and analyze everything in near real time" applications. This is also extremely useful in the financial world and also AI. This type of tech will change the datacenter as much as Flash on SANs has. On the high end. And use of high end applications will grow. Eliminating the network does present some issues but they can be worked around. There's probably long going to be a market for SAN storage for stupid things like monolithic websites and sharepoint and photos and docs and payroll databases and crap but the world is moving to automation and AI and instant analytics. It may take a little while but it's already happening.

The way this will be sold is strategically. As I've already said and others have said, it will require specific architecture to take advantage of the tech. These large programs and $500B companies are ready. Trust me, when your organization is large or powerful enough, like a mountain generates its own weather, it generates its own economy and technological ecosystem.

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