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Coho Data leaps aboard layoffs train: Another startup cuts jobs

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This is NOT INDIA!!!

It is too bad that Technologies/Coho Data does not believe in fair pay and fair employment. The lead owner and his lackies want to run the company with an iron fist while under-paying everyone and only hiring their own kind. As an ex-employee, more people have left than have been laid-off. The peter principle is in full effect at Techologies/Coho Data. It is just another typical Silicon Valley Ghetto with the added twist of all the developers being in Canadia (BC). And, to think that this darling child of Andreesson-Horowitz pedigree cannot get to the Airbnb, Box, Twitter. Facebook, Lyft or Groupon level seems contrary to the magic this famous VC is capable of. Again, this is the USA. This is California. Try doing business like you are, at least, on the same friggin' continent!

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