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I was about to write a lengthy response, but as I'm not as idle as I wanted I'll just say; NO, you do not understand why the insistence on using separate commands and processing text streams via pipes.

I will give you a simple example of imagemagick in action, using pipes and text:

qrencode -t PNG -o - "${1:-Empty data!}" | display &

There you go my on-the-fly QR code generator and viewer, courtesy of the 70s

Imagemagick was created circa 1991, qrencode 2006

That my friend is not a religion, it is just practical, I made something to fit my needs with a single line of code, I can quickly generate a QR code and display it on screen to pass data to my phone.

Joining two applications without having to do anything special is part of how Unix stuff works.

One does not need to even think hard to come with little bits like these, they just come naturally.

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