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That is weird.

Last year EMC had a low-cost all-flash VNXe bundle available through channel partners capable of 75,000 IOPS. I sold a few of them, one to a school who was blown away by how fast their VDI sessions would recompose - it was really impressive. I mean Unisphere is.. Unisphere, but the product as bundled was really good overall. Pretty sure the 75k was 100% read but I've seen it do 40k on an actual workload.

The VNX8000 has a published SPC-1 benchmark at 435,000 IOPS. Their current claims make no sense.

I have one customer in particular who cares about IOPS and latency beyond the "it's working, so it must be fine" metric with a VNX5400, they've benchmarked over 25k IOPS with no more than a few SSDs and the rest all spinning disk still under 40 spindles in total.

I sense marketing fail somewhere along the line. The VNX is a lot faster than this article leads on.

Note: I work for Dell now so I'm sure there's something I need to be up front about or something. Somewhere. At some point. Whatever.

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