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30k iops

is that for the low end model or for the high end model?

Just looking at what HP claims for the 8200:

"The HP 3PAR StoreServ 8200 All-Flash Starter Kit features the same flash-optimized architecture as the entire family of HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage arrays—including cache handling enhancements and system-wide striping to deliver over 75,000 IOPS and sub-millisecond response times. Performance is also scalable to 320,000 IOPS." (I have no doubt the numbers here are quoted at 100% read)

So this 30k number is about 1/10th what the low end 3PAR 8200 can do? (unlike the 8400 the 8200 does not go beyond 2 controllers).

On that same note, assuming the article is accurate I had no idea the existing VNX arrays were *that* slow(apparently not much more than 10k IOPS).

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