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Well, thats

almost the last nail in the coffin for the ad industry as more and more people are now beginning to consider ad blocking software as a pre-requiste alongside other contemporary AV/Malware solutions.

If my machine is compromised, can i sue the advertisers who are slinging this crap my way?

No, i cant, so what can i do?

I can block them at source and any website that baulks about my adblocker is simply confined to the "do not visit" bin.

Online ad slingers, despite being able to clean up their shit simply wont deal with the issue.

As long as their ads are being clicked and generating revenue, they will have no reason or incentive to intervene.

So, i have to do their work for them and as it doesn't cost me anything to do so, then blocking ALL ads is, frankly, the only way forward.

Ad companies, sort your shit out else you are in for a very rough ride.

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