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Sure, let's build the NBN with technology that's not proven at scale


"But the organisation appears now to be advocating that we pause again and figure out how to do widespread FTTDP."

Because we must. FTTN is a dead end. After completion of FTTN, there is no upgrade available or on the horizon, not even laboratory technologies. and both require FTTDP to get any improvement for more than around 50% of subscribers due to the line lengths that will simply be too long in Australia with FTTN.

So we're facing another new NBN with a similar cost and similar time to build as the current one. That is such poor value for money. When you are still taking years to put something in the ground, make it worthwhile, worth the considerable time and expense that is incurred whatever the technology.

Upgrades beyond FTTDP are easy, so much easier and less costly than with FTTN. There is credible speculation that Fibre On Demand would cost as little as $1000-2000 for most suburbs.

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