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Business Destroyed

We are livedrive resellers for 3 years now. We have bean investing loads of money for the last 2 years to improve website, automate everything, employing people, training them, and now we receive this notice !! This is unfair and frustrating..

LIvedrive have create a reseller business plan and everyone have build there business across that business plan. This was´t just a small increase in the anual price, business model was completely changed, before they offered unlimited accounts with unlimited usage, now there is no unlimited anymore.. we are small reseller with just aprox. 40TB in our reseller account, before the price hike we paid aprox. 1200€ year now we will pay around 500€ per month.

I know people that have much more storage usage then us and I can perfectly understand there frustration when they receive an email saying that business plan will be changed and will pay every month what he was used to pay yearly.

This for sure will kill almost all the business.. all the resellers that were working under the older business model will close there business and most likely to avoid bad impression with there costumers will give them directly to livedrive! I don´t want to think this was all planed by livedrive to get millions of clients... Wen this things append our imagination take us to higher level!

For what I see they build this business model as much companies do.. as telecommunications for example when they offer unlimited phone calls and unlimited sms.. some people use more, others uses less and there is a balance. It seams that didn't append with livedrive resellers. As livedrive offer unlimited storage, all the resellers do exactly the same for there costumers.

With the unlimited resellers plan means that for 1200€ year I could have 40TB or 400000TB. I can understand this was´t the best business model ever.. One thing is to tell a personal user that they can use as much as they can... other thing is to tell a reseller(business) they can use as much as they want..

What I was expecting was to livedrive have in consideration there business partners and maintain there accounts and gradually increase the prices or change conditions just to new resellers.. something similar to that. Changes was communicated by email with immediately effect. I think is´t the best way to treat businesses that in much cases are representing there brand.

I dough a company with this dimension taken this step without having all legally prepared. In there contract briefly they can do everything they want.. increase prices.. close accounts.. much everything.

Not sure if will be much to do by us besides spread the message about the poor professionalism of livedrive.. besides that what most of people are doing is looking for alternatives.

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