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It's pretty simple, though I suppose perhaps not easy.

* Ads are like a group of 600 lb people these days, a megabyte or more each.

* There is little vetting done on ads, and the advent of flash bidding makes them the equivalent of sharing about needles with people known to have STDs.

* Ads go out of their way to be obnoxious.

Sharply cut the size of ads, taser any and all ad designers that feel compelled to use video, popouts, expanding overlays, and other such whoop-de-doo's. Vet your ads for safety and suitability and STAND BY THAT VETTING. In short, the ad industry needs a long scrub, a shave, and to have all its shots up to date before I let it into my house. Because right now it's a rude and unwashed schizophrenic.

My phone keyboard put out "accordionist" when I gesture-typed schizophrenic, which is much funnier but not on point.

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