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NoScript + Adblock Plus

I use NoScript and Adblock Plus. and they are both turned on for all sites with a few exceptions for Noscript. ( and other sites I use for work)

Every now and then I disable Adblock on a few sites that might deserve it and I recently expermiented with and and found, to my surprise, that the only change was the addition of the banner for some continuous live beer drinking or something in London. No other ads at all.

Noscript, however, shows that you want me to allow scripts from google-analytics, googletagservices, dpmsrv and admedo.

I suppose that the ads come from these pages, but there is no way I am allowing random 3rd party sites to run scripts in my browser if I can help it.

I can live with the banner at the top so I haven't reenabled adblocker for the reg again.


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