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First questions first

Since when has ad blocking ever been anything other than ethical? People have blocked ads since long before there was an Internet.

Watching TV, most normal people look away, or turn the sound down, or get up to put the kettle on, or even change the channel when the ads come on.

Reading the paper, who amongst us even sees the ads? We filter them out. We flick past them. We pull out the advertising supplement sections and put them to one side, ready to discard. We turn the pages past the full-page ads and, five minutes later, or even five seconds later, don't even know what the thing we filtered out was.

The only thing that is new here is this pernicious notion - pushed you may be very sure by advertisers - that not looking at ads is suddenly a Wrong.Thing.

It isn't a Wrong Thing. It never was. And no amount of propaganda - no amount even of advertising - can make it so.

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