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lol....democracy...the worst form of government...except for all the others. Should we resent the fact that the "government is spying on its own citizens"? Our tax dollars paid for the internet (DARPANET), and in essence, it's government property. If you choose to use it, you do so at your own risk, like I'm doing right now. I understand the arguments against a "Gestapo-state" - that's where this seems to be headed, "Minority Report", "1984", etc. "Hey, you paid my brother (DARPA) all this money to develop this amazing technology that allows you to communicate instantaneously over thousands of miles to people around the world, but I (US Government) reserve the right to know what you're doing with that technology." If you don't like the idea of the USG "overseeing" your activity using technology they developed (even if it was with your money), you may want to consider going back to snail mail. PS...they're watching that too. I hear a lot of this whinging about the invasion of privacy, and the fourth amendment. Be warned - expecting "privacy" in your use of the internet (specifically the web) is like expecting that the cops aren't going to be on public roads, checking license plates with expired tags.

Love, mom

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