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Raising more red flags than a Soviet military parade

So, watching some talk on the twitters about this, some rather troubling things have come to light -

First, it's not really a VPN at all. It's an HTTP proxy. Calling it a VPN is, at best, misleading.

Second, it appears ( based on thread here: ) that it maintains a proxy-auth key.

If you recall the Verizon 'supercookie' mess? ( ) Approximately the same capabilities should be possible - that is, unique identification of individual browser installations across browsing sessions, albeit limited to Opera and whoever they decide to sell the info to.

And given the nature of surveillance in this day and age, this places this traffic firmly into the "Hey, lookit this tasty morsel we can subpoena!" section of every applicable law enforcement environment.

There's no way that I'm going to install this hot mess.

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