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First off, I'm a Crabstian, not a Pastafarian. Secondly, I most Rastas I know are not only chill with Pastafarianism, they'll don the colander and salt the water with the rest of us. And yes, I can be Crabstian and celebrate Pastafarian traditions with all mirth and ceremony just as the Rastas can do so. Pastafarians encourage such inclusion.

And if there are Rastas who truly have a problem with the term "Pastafarianism" I honestly and heartily encourage them to head on over to and raise the issue. There is a really good chance that the Pastafarians there will discuss the issue seriously and with sincere and honest consideration for the feelings of the Rastas and may well attempt to change the term to "Pastians" or somesuch.

The key here is that Pastafarianism, as a term, was never designed to "make fun of" Rastafarianism or Rastas in any way. And I am pretty sure that Rastas know that.

It's the angry white protestants who are getting all falsely upset on behalf of the Rastas - who are perfectly capable of raising issues on their own without white folk having to do it for them, if they actually happen to care about a topic - who are the xenophobes. It's all about deflection and poisoning the well, not about actually giving a damn about the Rastas, or peaceful coexistence.

Maybe, one day, when everyone can learn to stop taking themselves so goddamned seriously, we have have nice things.

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