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Utah declares 'war on smut'

Captain DaFt

Hey Utah!

I've got the perfect slogan for your new bill:

"Get our perverts off the internet

and back out on the street where they belong!"


Now that that's off my chest, a bit of (possibly poorly remembered) history:

Way back in the days of my halcyon youth, IE 1980s, when I haunted the school library, I read an article about a new program in England.

It seems that even further back in the day, there'd been a big push to get television in homes to get the youth, IE young males, out of pool halls and back home with their families where they belonged.

The new (1980s) push was to start new pool halls in neighborhoods to get the youth, IE young males, weaned off television and out of the house to socialise more.

Buut, the internet happened, and oh well...

My twisted take on this?

In a few years, Utah will be spending billions and legislating to get the "perverts" off the streets, where they're "corrupting" "honest youth".

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