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Utah declares 'war on smut'


THANK YOU x7. Next time those guys on the bicycles knock on my door, I'M SIGNING UP!!

Maybe the Salt Lake City sinners should team up with that idiot Imam who spouted that jerking off would make your hand pregnant. Sounds like they would make a good team.

In the country where I grew up porn was banned but there was a ex-nun (I won't say her name was Patricia Bartlett) who was the stalwart against pornography. Only thing was that she had the best and greatest porno collection in the whole country. It almost want to make me protest against it so I too could be the most popular guy in the city.

Some porn IS causing a serious problem. Teenage guys watch it and think that this is how to treat girlfriends/women in real life. From what I have seen, all women just love being fucked in the arse (ass for the colonials) without any lubrication and then having a fecal covered dick shoved into her anxious waiting mouth. (Makes me want to dry reach just thinking about that.) This sort of porn needs to be countered by education. Time to take the porn industry out of the closet and taxed a bit more to pay for that education.

I was watching John Oliver a week or more ago and he came out with the interesting fact that those USA politicians who protest the loudest about being against porn, prostitution, alcohol etc were the ones most likely to be heavily involved in such nefarious activities. You know like the idiot who was so for Family Values and by the way, here's a Twitter pic of my valued family dick.

I agree with my fellow contributors that education is the answer. Just like if drugs were made legal and distributed by the gubermint, not only would the USA directly save $51+Billion a year but the taxes collected on selling these now legal drugs (see alcohol and tobacco as examples) could be used on education about drugs. Prohibition was a fine example on how well banning something worked. All it did was make criminals a lot of money and cost the taxpayers a lot of money to fight the now really rich criminals. Sorry, seem to be waffling. Must be caused by the prescribed drugs that I am on.

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