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"The slow, random trawl through the infinite reaches of the smutweb is much harder to walk away from."

That's human curiosity. What is tempting is not what you see - but what you "might" see that is usually forbidden. As D H Lawrence wrote in his poem "Figs" - the fig leaf is to adorn not to hide. Salome's dance of the seven veils is all about the titillation of what might be revealed.

The sight of total nudity quickly becomes commonplace - even boring. So too with acts of sex. Like all human aesthetics - for most people their taste becomes more discerning once they have sampled a wide variety.

An erotic film with a plot and well drawn characters is far more stimulating than the typical xxx film. A friend in the 1980s recounted how he and his pals set down to watch a VHS video full of explicit sex. After 30 minutes they found the repetition had become totally boring.

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