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have you looked at any of the "your brain on porn" material? The abundance and variety is exactly the issue, the theory put forward is that as you watch more your dopamine tolerance increases and hence you need a bigger "hit" to feel any response.

At a male level "novelty" is a key sexual driver as we're somewhat hardwired to seek as many partners as possible (and this also appears to hold true for other species). Big porn search sites therefore create an ability for almost endless novelty and the ability to ride an ever increasing dopamine wave which never used to be possible for the vast majority of humanity.

If you've hit actual addiction levels not watching any porn for about 10-20 days has many of the same side effects as other addictive withdrawals. I go so a self help group and an ex-alcoholic has told me that they found the withdrawal effects of porn worse than when they went dry.

There is a lot of good material out there if you google it (probably not from work) - but do find a local self help / 12-step type meeting (and don't worry about the religious tone of the program if you look into it and don't have a religious take on life its really not an issue - prayer gets replaced with meditation, etc...)

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