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So being serious (and hence) anon, I actually have quite a lot of sympathy with this law as reported.

There is quite a bit of work being done at the moment to try and establish if freely available high definition porn can be considered addictive (as distinct from print media and low availability video quality cassettes from the 80's) - the neuro-chemistry involved is very similar to that seen in other addictions.

There is still a debate regarding if this is a true addiction, but the symptoms and therapy responses are remarkably similar. There are also a range of self help groups out there (e.g. SLAA)

Morally, I've no issue with porn and my general outlook on life if that whatever consenting and willing individuals do should be legal unless it causes harm to others. I'd certainly not argue for a ban on porn; but some provisions similar to gambling addictions self exclusion at an ISP / card payment level and recognition that some individuals do develop a problem wouldn't go amiss.

I say this as someone who in their early 40's has decided that this is actually a real problem in my life (and not something which the vast majority of people who know me would ever expect from me).

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