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I have used LiveDrive for years (as part of a more diverse personal backup strategy) and renewed last month for approx. £50 (£4/month-ish). I don't think I would use them for business back-up though as their support and SLA are at the cheap end of things (fair enough for what I pay them....)

I haven't had any notice of changes from them, and the charges look the same on their website.

Giving the benefit of the doubt, I wonder if this is because of problems that they have had with resellers overselling the service in some cases (rather than a land-grab by LiveDrive)? It looks like resellers get 5TB initially to pool over their user base, so if resellers are selling that as "unlimited" then maybe that's where the charging problem has come from.

It is pretty tough on resellers if a huge price increase has been imposed on them, but I imagine that contractually there will be get-outs (for the reseller) since they would have no control over their upstream provider (in this case LiveDrive) pulling the plug/going bust/increasing charges in a way that does not suit their reselling model etc.

It's also tough on the end-users too, but - as long as there is notice and some kind of pro-rata refund available - you can at least get your data back (may take a while if you have several TB stored.....) and move elsewhere before the new charges kick in. As others have said - you should not have something like this as your sole backup target.


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