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Oh dear, IBM. Storage isn't looking like a cash cow any more, is it?

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Infinidat is definitely XIV Mark II, or Gen4. It is pretty good, but I thought, as you mention, this is XIV with some improvements. I know some of the former XIV people at Infinidat. When I saw Tintri's VMStor for the first time it was similar to when I saw XIV for the first time... an "It's so simple yet powerful. Why doesn't every storage array work like this?" reaction. Agree that Tintri is less about the hardware architecture, or not at all about hardware, and more about the ability to exploit VMware and Hyper V. Makes sense given the founder. IBM actually tried to buy Tintri prior to TMS, but they couldn't agree on a price. Tintri is slick, but it is going to have issues with VSAN competition. Difficult to argue you are the best storage for VMware when VMware is storage. Seems like all primary storage arrays days are numbered. Flash inside a host cluster, SDS for anything online (cloud or on prem)... and then maybe IBM can sell people some LTFS tape libraries for the giant archives of cold data.

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