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Xenophobic is an interesting choice of word there. Not sure what you mean by it exactly.

I've met plenty of righteous Rastas, who would incidentally be offended by the ism you put on the end of Rastafarian. You know why Rastas speak in patois? It's as a way to separate their language from the language of Their slavers. I wouldn't say that's Xenophobic (just an attempt to reassert a language stolen from them), but it's an indication that everything's not as cool as you may think.

Not sure how many discussions you've had with Rastas about Pastafarians, but don't be surprised if people just say things are fine because most times it's easier than having the conversation.

I'm not trying to paint skeptics as terrible, just pointing out that whilst you are congratulating yourself on how inclusive you are, you should just take a minute to reflect on the symbolism of your religion and the demographics of its adherents.

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